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February 15, 2022

Figma plugin improvements

We've released an improved version of our Figma plugin! You'll notice a refreshed design, along with more robust functionality. 


  • You can now check frames, text nodes, and components at any time. Before, we only supported either frame or text node depending on your settings.
  • If you already have a frame or text layer selected and you launch Writer, you'll no longer have to reselect the frame/text layer to see Writer's suggestions.
  • The sidebar now shows complete Suggestion category names instead of abbreviated versions.
  • If no layer is selected at all, you'll now see the home screen.
  • We also fixed multiple bugs, improved performance, and refreshed the design of the home screen, sign in, and settings screens.

For more info, read our help article on how to install and use Writer for Figma.

February 8, 2022

Terms upgrades

Terms has gotten a serious upgrade!

We're excited to announce a refreshed design for adding and editing Terms. You'll be able to navigate between Terms much more quickly. We also now support auto-save as you make changes. 

In addition, we now support improved functionality: 

  • Don't use terms can now have suggested replacements — pick up to 3 Approved Terms as replacements. 
  • For case sensitive terms, you'll now get automatic corrections for any wrong capitalizations Writer finds
  • You can now add duplicate terms as long as they are different parts of speech
  • You can now separately enable/disable Approved Term highlighting and Common Mistake suggestions
  • Pending terms can now have common mistakes and examples
  • Don't use terms can now have examples

January 17, 2022

Rich text formatting in Snippets

Got text you’re always retyping or copy/pasting across emails and chat? Add it as a Snippet so you can insert it anywhere with a simple shortcut.

And, even better, Snippets now support formatting, including hyperlinks, bullets, lists, bolding, and italics. If the text area you're writing in supports formatting, your specified formatting will now show up once you insert or paste in the Snippet. 

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