Get started with magic links

Who can use this feature

  • Available on Team and Enterprise plans
  • Only admins can edit magic link settings. Team members can only view magic link settings.
  • Anyone can use magic links

What’s in this article

With magic links, while writing in the Editor, you can quickly hyperlink to your most important websites.

How exactly does this work?

  1. Your Org or Team admin gets magic links set up by adding websites you usually hyperlink to.
  2. Once your websites are added, you can find and add links from your websites, directly inside the Editor.

Setting up magic links

To get started, go to Setup > Magic links. Note that you'll need to be a Team or Org admin to edit magic link settings.

Adding a website

Select New website and enter the website you’d like to source links from.

Team plans come with 10 websites. With select Enterprise plans, you can get more websites. If you’re interested in upgrading your current plan, please contact

Once your websites are set up, you can start getting link suggestions while in the Editor. 

To start, select the magic link icon in the Editor toolbar.

You can add links in two ways:

1. Highlight a keyword phrase from your doc. 

Writer will highlight every instance in your doc where this keyword phrase appears.

Then, select Find links. You’ll see suggested links appear in the magic links panel. Select a suggestion to apply it as a hyperlink wherever your keyword phrase appears.

2. Search directly for a keyword phrase

Type a word or phrase into the search box. Your keyword phrase will be highlighted everywhere it appears in your doc, and a list of suggested links will appear. Select a suggested link to apply it as a hyperlink wherever your keyword phrase appears.

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