Adding content Snippets

Who can use this feature

  • Supported on Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans
  • Only admins can edit Snippets. Team members can only view and use Snippets.

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Got text you’re constantly retyping or copy/pasting into your emails, docs, or design files? Turn it into a Snippet so you only have to type it once. Snippets are reusable pieces of text that you can create in Writer and insert wherever you’re writing.

Using Snippets

To create a Snippet, just add your reusable text in the Snippet field and create a shortcut. By default, all Snippet shortcuts start with a “w.” prefix. This is so you don’t accidentally insert Snippets while writing normally. The best shortcuts are 🥁 short. Pick something topical and easy to remember – e.g. if it’s a boilerplate company mission, then pick “w.mission”. 

Snippets support rich text formatting – e.g. hyperlinks, lists, bullets, bolding, italics. If you insert a Snippet into a text area that doesn’t support rich text formatting, we’ll simply insert it as plain text.
You can insert Snippets in one of two ways:

1. Insert via shortcut

Anywhere you are using the Writer Chrome extension, just type your Snippet shortcut and you’ll see your Snippet appear. Hit Enter or select the card to insert the Snippet. 

2. Insert by copying to your clipboard from the Snippets tab

Head to the Snippets tab in your suggestions sidebar. You’ll see all of your Team’s Snippets. Just select a Snippet to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste it wherever you need it. The Snippets tab exists in every Writer plugin and extension.

Managing, organizing, and downloading Snippets

Using tags

Tags are a great way to keep Snippets organized by team or use case.

When you’re ready to share and publish your Snippets, you can use Tags to specify exactly which Snippets to publish.

Downloading Snippets

You can download Snippets by clicking the download icon in the Snippets toolbar. Your Snippets will be saved to your Downloads folder as a CSV file. 

Sharing Snippets

Once your Snippets are in Writer, it’s easy to build and publish a Snippets list in just a few clicks with our Styleguide  feature. Styleguides can be password-protected, but don’t require a Writer seat to access .
In your Styleguide Page Builder, Select a Snippets block . You can either publish all your Snipets, or you can publish only specific tags.

Your published Snippets will look like this. You’ll be able to filter by Snippets tag or search for a specific one.


Q: Which Writer plugins and extensions support Snippets?

We currently support Snippets insertion via shortcut in the following platforms:
  • Chrome extension, on most websites
  • Figma plugin
Snippets can also be copied to your clipboard from the Snippets tab in your sidebar across all of Writer’s apps and extensions.

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