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Who can use this feature

  • Supported on Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans

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To install the Writer Chrome extension, open Writer’s page on the Chrome Web Store here. You can also simply search for 'Writer' in the Chrome Web Store.
Select Add to Chrome.

Select Add extension

In your browser toolbar, select the extension puzzle icon to pin the Writer extension to the toolbar.

To sign in, select the in your toolbar, and enter your Writer account details (or sign up if you don’t have an account).

If you are on an Enterprise plan and belong to multiple teams, you can select your team from the Team dropdown menu. (You won’t see the Team dropdown on the Pro plan or if you only belong to one team on Enterprise.)
By default, Writer will be activated on every site where there are text input fields. If you don't want Writer checking content on a site, or want to pause checking for a while, simply toggle the switch off for that site. This will make the change for yourself only and not for every member of your team.

Learn how to customize the suggestions you’re getting from Writer with this deep dive article and video walkthrough.

Using the extension  

Now that you're set up, let's go over what you can expect out of the Writer Chrome Extension. The extension will generally appear on multi-line text fields such as body text (and not on single-line text fields like subject lines or titles).
Writer will underline errors or issues in your Writer. Some of those will be from Writer (categories like grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity) and others from your company’s settings in Writer.

You’ll get quick corrections in-line, meaning you can hover and in one click accept a replacement suggestion. 

In the corner of your text area across the web, clicking on the W icon or content score will expand the Writer Chrome extension side panel and give you additional writing guidance.
Here’s an example of that demonstrated inside Zendesk:

 Each card gives the error and a suggested fix. To replace your text with the correction, click on the green highlighted replacement. The correction will be applied to the body of your text. You can also delete the suggestion or add the term to your term bank directly from the card.

Not all issues flagged will have a correction provided by Writer. In those cases, we’ll give you guidance on how to rewrite your sentence, including Learn More modules for harder concepts (like passive voice!). 

You can hide the side panel by clicking the double arrow icon at the top right. You can refresh the score by clicking on the circular score icon.


Q: I have the extension but I don’t see any underlines.

If you are signed in to the Chrome extension, have enabled suggestions on the page, are editing a text area, and still don’t see the Writer score or any underlined suggestions, try doing a hard refresh of your web page.

  • Windows users: Hold down Ctrl and then press F5 on your keyboard
  • Mac users: Hold down Cmd and Shift and then press R on your keyboard

Q: My score is still not 100 but I don’t have any underlines.

You may have other issues with your text — select the score to open by the sidebar for additional issue cards for your review.  

Q: Which sites does the Writer extension work on?

We support the following websites:

  • Anypoint (
  • Articulate Rise (
  • Asana (
  • Canva (
  • Coda (
  • Confluence (
  • Dropbox Paper (
  • GatherContent (
  • Gmail (
  • Google Calendar (
  • Google Docs ( BETA
  • Helpscout (
  • HubSpot (
  • Jira (
  • Lighthouse (
  • LinkedIn (
  • Medium (
  • Mural (
  • Outlook online (
  • Outreach (
  • Pipedrive (
  • ReadMe (
  • Slack web (
  • Squarespace (
  • Tettra (
  • Twitter (
  • WordPress block editor (
  • WordPress classic editor (
  • Zendesk (

Writer will also function on many other websites, but please keep in mind that functionality may be limited. If you have questions or would like to request a site not listed, please email us at

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