FAQ: Knowledge Graph

We’ve just announced one of our most exciting features yet: Knowledge Graph. Here you’ll find answers to common questions about this upcoming feature, along with information about how to get early access to our beta program.

What is Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge Graph is your company’s information layer, sitting right on top of Palmyra, our family of open-source LLMs. Whenever you do work in Writer, you’ll be able to draw on your company’s own source of truth to incorporate your company’s facts into content which Writer generates. You’ll be able to use Knowledge Graph to:

  • Fact-check claims
  • Do research
  • Ask any question in real time, right where you work

How does it work?

Your company will be able to manage a directory of files, containing trusted company data. Writer will reference as it detects claims in your writing or answers questions from your team. You can update the directory to keep your information up-to-date, so your team is always referencing the correct data.

You’ll be able to add many types of files to your directory: text, image, audio, PDFs, powerpoints, csvs, and more. You can also connect Knowledge Graph to your most important data sources, like a company wiki, a product knowledge base, or a cloud storage platform.

How can I use Knowledge Graph?

Internal research

No matter where you’re working, you’ll be able to Ask Knowledge Graph a question and retrieve the information you need in real time, from sources you trust:

Here are just a few ways you could use Knowledge Graph:

  • Ask “What is our discounting policy?” and get the discount policy from the sales team’s Google Doc on pricing
  • Ask “How do I set up SAML?” and get the instructions from the company wiki page for new hire onboarding.
  • Ask “What integrations does our product support?” and get the relevant help center article.

Fact checking

Our claim detection feature already highlights statements which need to be fact-checked. With Knowledge Graph, Writer will be able to suggest a replacement statement based on your company’s data:

Who else can see my Knowledge Graph data?

No one! We keep your Knowledge Graph completely isolated from other companies’ data, and you even have the option to self-host your Knowledge Graph. Writer takes AI security and privacy seriously, so we don’t reserve the right to keep or use your data.

How can I get access to Knowledge Graph?

Currently, Knowledge Graph is in a closed beta — and we’re looking for the right companies to give us feedback! We’re interested in speaking with new and existing Writer customers.

Interested in joining the Knowledge Graph beta?

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