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  • Available on Team and Enterprise plans

The recaps app can automatically surface high-level takeaways and key quotes from an audio or video file. This guide will walk you through the recaps app and give you tips for how to use it most effectively.

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When to use this app

  • 🔠 Summarizing
  • ✍️ Drafting

Use the recaps app when you have a podcast, webinar, or other long-form audiovisual recording that you want to summarize or repurpose into a written format. The app will generate a few high-level takeaways, with a brief summary and relevant quotes for each takeaway. You can also use the output as a starting point for a blog post, thought leadership piece, or other type of long-form written content.


Input Field



Upload your file The audio or video file from which you want to generate takeaways. Max file size is 500MB. See below for supported file types. Yes
Select a recording type See types below Yes


Recording Type Examples Output Sections
Event webinar, panel, fire-side chat, announcement About the session, Key speakers, Topics discussed, Takeaways, Key quotes
Sales call discovery, product demo, follow-up, pricing About the prospect, Pain points and needs, Budget, Decision-making process, Timeline, Objections, Next steps
Customer success call account management, relationship building, onboarding, kickoff Key speakers, About the customer/company, Customer concerns and feedback, Product or service updates discussed, Customer discussion points, Rollout and onboarding, Renewal discussion, Action items
Product and UX research UX research, product feedback, prototype review Key speakers, User’s primary use cases, User’s pain points and challenges, What’s going well, Usability feedback, Feature requests, Bugs reported, Reactions to upcoming features
Training session technical training, process training, soft skills training About the session, About the participants, Key speakers, Topics reviewed, Key learnings, Q&A, Next steps
Large-scale meeting all-hands, company and team announcements, quarterly review, roadmap review Key speakers, Agenda, Company or team updates, Discussion sections & takeaways, Q&A
Small-scale meeting team sync, project sync, scrum Key speakers, Agenda, Discussion points, Decisions made, Action items, Parking lot
Job interview screen, panel interview, 1-1 interview About the candidate, About the interviewer, About the role, Interviewer Q&A, Salary and location logistics, Candidate Q&A, Next steps

Supported file formats

Recaps supports the following file formats:

Audio: .3ga; .8svx; .aac; .ac3; .aif; .aiff; .alac; .amr; .ape; .au; .dss; .flac; .flv; .m4a; .m4b; .m4p; .m4r; .mp3; .mpga; .ogg; .oga; .mogg; .opus; .qcp; .tta; .voc; .wav; .wma; .wv

Video: .webm; .MTS; .M2TS; .TS; .mov; .mp2; .mp4; .m4p (with DRM); .m4v; .mxf


Q: Why is it taking so long for the app to generate content?

Depending on the length of the audio or video file, it can take 10 minutes or longer to generate the first draft of takeaways. Once you've generated one draft, future drafts should be faster (30–60 seconds).

Q: How large can my file be?

The maximum file size supported is 500MB. If you're using a YouTube URL, your recording can be a maximum of 2 hours long.

Q: Does Writer generate a transcript of the recording?

Yes, you can find the transcript by going to the draft of the recap. Go to Drafts in the left menu, filter by app for recaps, find your draft, and scroll to the bottom of the output section. You can download the transcript.

Q: What usage limits are there for the recaps app?

Team plans get 5 recordings per org. Enterprise plans have custom limits based on the tier purchased.

Q: I'm on a Team plan, and I've run into the words generated limit. How can I increase my word allowance?

Like other natural language generation (NLG) features in Writer, the amount of words you can generate with highlights is based on your team's words generated allowance. You can track your progress toward your monthly allowance in the admin menu.

  • Your word count will reset at the start of each month of your plan. For example, if you first signed up on April 15, your words generated limit will reset on the 15th of each month. 
  • If you're interested in generating highlights at a higher volume, contact our sales team to find out more about our Enterprise plans.
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