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  • Supported on Enterprise plans

Billing groups allow Writer org admins to map users to internal budgets. Since each Writer user can be assigned to only one billing group, org admins can track the number of licenses used by each cost center.

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How to access billing groups

To access your account's billing groups page, go to Admin > Billing groups.

You can also access this page under Admin > Billing, where you'll see a summary of your account plan usage. Select Manage billing groups.

How to view users within a billing group

Select the user count next to a billing group. You will be taken to the People page, with a filter applied to reveal the users associated with that billing group:

How to create a billing group

Under Admin > Billing groups select New group.

Create a Billing group name.

Assign a Billing group contact.

Note: The billing group contact does not need to have a Writer account.

Managing a billing group

Selecting the ••• menu to the right of a billing group reveals a dropdown menu.

Select Rename group to change the name of the billing group.

Select Edit contact to change the billing group contact.

Select Delete group to delete the billing group. Any users assigned to the billing group will no longer be assigned to any billing group.

How to assign users to a billing group

Note: A user can only be assigned to one billing group.

Assigning new users to a billing group

You can assign new users to a billing group as you invite them to your Writer account. Under Billing group, you'll be able to assign the group.

Assigning existing users to a billing group

To assign an existing user to a billing group via the People page, select the ••• menu on the right side and select Edit billing group.

Assigning existing users to a billing group via CSV upload

The easiest way to assign users to various billing groups is via CSV upload. The CSV upload will override any existing billing group assignments. Since a user can only belong to one billing group at a time, the CSV import will replace any previously assigned billing group.

From Admin > Billing groups, select the Import button to the left of the search bar to access the billing groups importer.

Download our template file (CSV | XLSX).

Make sure your CSV contains the following three columns:

  • Billing group - This does not need to be case sensitive. "Engineering" or "engineering" are acceptable.
  • User email - This must correspond with an existing Writer user. See above for instructions on assigning new users to billing groups at the moment of invitation.
  • Contact - This is the billing group contact. This email address does not need to be associated with an existing Writer user.

Make sure your file is a UTF-8 encoded Excel or CSV file format which does not exceed 5 MB.

If needed, map your columns. When everything looks right, select Import.

You'll receive an import summary when the import is complete. If any errors occurred during the import process, we will provide you with a report.

How to remove a user from a billing group

Under Admin>People, select the ••• menu and select Edit billing group. Select the X to remove a user from a billing group, then select Update. You can now add the user to a different billing group, or leave them unassigned.

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