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Who can use this feature

  • Available on Team and Enterprise plans

Keep writing (beta)

With keep writing, you can automatically generate words that could logically follow given the previous context. You can use the keep writing function to help you complete sentences, answer questions or requests, or iterate on partially formed ideas while you're in the middle of writing something.

How do I access and use keep writing?

Go to and open up a doc. Once in the document, select the keep writing button (at the top of the editor, with the lightning bolt ⚡️), or use a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Return for Mac, Ctrl + Enter for PC). Wherever your cursor is, Writer will then automatically generate words that could logically follow given the previous input.

You can continue to use the keep writing function repeatedly, or edit the output as you'd like. Please note that to use keep writing, your doc needs to have more than five words already (otherwise, Writer won't have enough context to write something appropriately relevant).


Q: Can I use keep writing in the Writer extensions?

For now, Keep writing is still in beta and can only be used in the Writer app. We do plan to bring the Keep writing functionality to other Writer extensions soon!

Q: I'm on a Team plan, and I've run into the words generated limit. How can I increase my word allowance?

Like other natural language generation (NLG) features in Writer, the amount of words you can generate using the keep writing button is based on your team's words generated allowance. You can track your progress toward your monthly allowance in the admin menu.

  • Your word count will reset at the start of each month of your plan. For example, if you first signed up on April 15, your words generated limit will reset on the 15th of each month. 
  • If you're interested in generating highlights at a higher volume, contact our sales team to find out more about our Enterprise plans.
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