Getting started: 5 steps

Learn the fundamentals of Writer with these short videos on the basics. 

Teams that have transformed their writing have done these five things after setting up a Writer account. Some will take a few minutes and others a few hours — either way, the short videos below walk you through the fundamentals of each of the five key steps.

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Step 1. Install a plugin

Go to Apps in the bottom left menu to find Writer’s plugins. 

You can select one or multiple plugins based on where you write:

Step 2. Customize Suggestions

Though Writer will give you great writing suggestions out-of-the-box, you can customize the suggestions to your own in-house writing style and guidelines.
Suggestions is where you can configure everything related to how you want your team to write. This includes:
  • Punctuation preferences
  • Rules about introducing acronyms
  • Capitalization
  • Date and number formatting
  • Target grade/reading level
  • Active versus passive voice
  • Inclusive language
  • Setting an English locale for spelling (US, UK, Canada, or Australia)

Go to Suggestions in the left menu to customize writing suggestions to your preferences. 

Learn more about Suggestions with this deeper dive article and video

Step 3. Add your company Terms

Go to Terms in the left menu to set up your company terminology and word lists.

In Writer, you can set which terms you want your team to use (Approved Terms), which terms to avoid (Don’t Use Terms), and terms which are commonly misspelled or misused ( Common Mistakes).

Learn more about Terms with this deeper dive article and video walkthrough. 

Step 4. Add content Snippets

A Snippet is a sentence, paragraph, or set of paragraphs that are commonly used across your writing. By saving it with a shortcut, Writer can expand it for you anywhere you’re writing.
The types of content that can go in Snippets include:
  • Mission statements
  • Marketing boilerplate
  • Employee bios
  • UX copy
  • Disclaimer language
  • Canned emails
  • Any repeatable phrases or sentences that you want to write consistently
Learn more about Snippets with this deeper dive article and video walkthrough. 

Step 5. Set up and share your Styleguide

You can use Writer to publish your style guidelines at a password-protected site at—so you can share your rules with anyone.

When you update your Terms and Snippets, the content on these pages will automatically update your Styleguide.

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