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  • Supported on Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans

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Use Writer to check your writing in Microsoft Word. The Writer for Word add-in takes your customized guidelines from Writer and applies it across your documents, in both desktop Word and Word 365. When using the add-in in desktop Word, your computer needs to be connected to the internet. The add-in doesn’t work offline.

Company-managed add-ins: Some organizations don't allow individuals to install Office add-ins. If your company manages add-ins through an Office admin, contact them to install the Writer add-in for you.

Installing the Word add-in

From Appsource

To install Writer for Microsoft Word, open the Writer page on Microsoft AppSource here. You can also search for "Writer" on Microsoft AppSource

Select Get it now and a pop-up will appear asking for permission to install.

Select Continue to proceed with installation.

After selecting Continue, you'll be taken to the Office Store. To get started with the add-in, select Open in Word, which will prompt you to open your Microsoft Word desktop app. You’ll see the Writer add-in on the right side of the ribbon menu when you are in the Home tab. 

Installing from Microsoft Word

If you already have Word open, you can install the add-in without going to the Appsource listing.

  1. Insert > Add-ins > My Add-ins > See All: you'll see the Writer add-in in the Office Add-ins window. Double-click the icon and the window will close.
  2. If you don't see Writer under MY ADD-INS, go to STORE and search for Writer.

3. Go back to the Home tab, and the Writer add-in will be on the right side of the ribbon menu.

4. Next, select the Writer add-in icon to log-in to your Writer account. A pane will appear on the right of your document. Select Sign In. A window will appear with options to enter your Writer sign in information. 

Using the Word add-in

When you're ready to review your content, open up the Writer side panel by selecting the Writer icon in the Home ribbon menu.

After you sign in, if you are on an Enterprise plan, you'll need to select your Team. You'll automatically skip this step if you are on the Free, Pro, or Team plans or if your account has a single Team. 
Select the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up to begin using Writer. If you have multiple Teams, you can switch between them by selecting Settings in the add-in and selecting a different one.
Once you’ve selected your Team, you’ll see the sidebar, which shows a list of potential suggestions Writer has found in your content.

Each card gives the suspected error and a suggested fix. When selecting a card, you'll notice that the issue will be highlighted in gray in your document. Select the suggestion in green to make an update to your document. You can also ignore the suggestion, flag it as wrong, or add the term to your term bank. 

After applying your suggestions, your score will improve, and once completed, will read 100%.

If you close the panel, you can reopen it from the menu by selecting the Writer icon.

Using the add-in on Word 365

To use the Word add-in online, go to your document in Word 365. Like the desktop app, you'll see the Writer icon on the right side of the menu when you are in the Home tab. Select the icon to begin using Writer in Word. The instructions to use it are the same as in the Word desktop app.

If you don't see the Writer icon on the right side of the Home tab menu, go to the Insert tab and select Add-ins. In the Office Add-ins window, double select on the Writer add-in under MY ADD-INS. If you don't see Writer under MY ADD-INS, go to STORE and search for Writer

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