What is Writer?

Welcome to Writer! Writer is the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises. We’re here to help you increase your productivity at work, whether you’re writing a blog post, building a web page, conducting competitive research, or just trying to remember how to properly capitalize your company’s name. In this quick intro, we’ll cover the basics of how Writer can help you do great work, effortlessly.

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4 ways to use the Writer platform today

Writer helps you in four different ways:

Custom suggestions

Writer offers real-time feedback on your writing, so you can spend less time copy-editing and more time creating.

Learn more: Customizing Suggestions

Ask Writer

Ask Writer is our powerful, flexible AI assistant. Ask Writer helps you brainstorm, research, analyze, and more – while keeping your work completely secure.

Learn more: How to use Ask Writer

Out-of-the-box apps

Writer offers prebuilt apps to help you create high-quality first drafts for dozens of common use cases – everything from error messages to press releases.

Learn more: Using apps

Custom apps

Finally, Writer can accelerate your own specific workflows with custom apps that produce exactly the kind of content you need.

Learn more: Requesting a custom app

Plans & pricing

Want to give Writer a try? We have a Team plan for users who want content acceleration and brand consistency across a small team of up to 5 people.

If you'd like to use Writer across multiple teams, the Enterprise plan offers more robust options. These include multiple style guides, custom apps, API access, and more.

Learn more about our pricing here.

Next steps

Ready to give Writer a try? Sign up for a free trial, then begin exploring:

  • Embed Writer where you're already working using our free extensions
  • Start receiving real-time feedback on your writing – simply create a new document in Writer or open an extension while you're working in another program to see suggestions right away
  • Explore our app library and test an out-of-the-box app
  • Try out Ask Writer: enter in your own idea, or get inspiration from our Prompt Library
  • Learn how teams like yours use Writer in our Learning Center, featuring quick videos, on-demand webinars, and more
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