Using the Writer for Windows desktop extension (BETA)

Who can use this feature

  • Users enrolled in our Team and Enterprise plans.
  • Users operating Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Generate content from Writer anywhere using our new Windows desktop extension! Using our new extension, you'll be able to brainstorm new content, escape writer's block, and generate fresh ideas for whatever you're working on, no matter where you're writing.

What's in this article:

Installing the desktop extension

  1. Go to the Writer extensions page.
  2. Select Install below Writer for Windows.
  3. Download the Writer installer .exe file.
  4. Double-click on the installer file.

  1. Select Install.
  2. The installer will display a progress bar during the installation process.
  3. Once installation is complete, select Launch Writer.

Logging in via the desktop extension

  1. Select Get started.
  2. If you're not currently logged in to Writer, you will be prompted to log in first.
  3. If you're currently logged in to Writer, you'll see a consent form: This site is trying to open Writer Desktop App. Select Open.
Note: Once installed, Writer for Windows will launch automatically upon system startup. To disable this, go to Settings > Apps > Startup and toggle Writer off.

The first time you launch Writer for Windows, you'll see an onboarding tour. You can re-launch this tour anytime by right-clicking the Writer icon in the system tray and selecting Getting started.

Upon launching the Writer for Windows extension, you'll see a widget which can be dragged around the screen.

Even if the widget is dismissed, Writer for Windows will run in the background. To retrieve the widget:

  • Use the ctrl+alt+w keyboard shortcut
  • Select the Writer icon in the taskbar
  • Select the Writer icon in the system tray
Note: Closing the Writer for Windows widget will not quit the extension. Writer for Windows will run in the background. To quit the extension, right-select Writer in the tray and select Quit – see Other settings below.

Using the Writer for Windows extension

Rewrite text

Love using rewrite to get your drafts perfectly polished? Now you can rewrite text on the go: just paste your text into Writer for Windows and let us know whether you need it simplified, shortened, or downright Shakespearean!

Generate content with commands

When you're on a roll, the last thing you want to do is switch tabs! Now, you can generate content, break out of writer's block, or rewrite content, no matter where you're working, using our commands feature.

In the text field, simply type in a command to generate the exact content you need. (For more information about using commands in Writer, see here.)

Starter ideas

Got writer's block? Starter ideas will help you get past the blank page stage, whether you're generating shortform content like a product description, or longform content like a blog post.

  1. From the main commands menu, select Starter ideas.
  2. Select an idea from the list, then fill in the rest of the command with your subject matter.
  3. Type enter to see your content generated.
  4. If your cursor is located within an editable text field, select Insert to add your content.

Ask your Knowledge Graph a question

Are you part of our  Knowledge Graph beta? If so, you can use the extension to ask your Knowledge Graph a question. Simply select  Ask your Knowledge Graph, enter a question, and Writer will generate an answer which you can insert into your work.

Other settings

Right-select the Writer extension in the taskbar to bring up the extension menu:

  • Configure Settings (including Writer account and team)
  • Open in your web browser
  • Relaunch the onboarding tour
  • Sign out of your account
  • Quit the Writer for Windows desktop extension
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