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Role types: Org admin vs Team member

Writer Team plans have two role types: Org admins and Team members. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you’ll have an additional role type: Team admin. You can learn more here: Enterprise plan: Roles and Permissions.
Org admins have full access to Writer settings. This includes Writer customizations like suggestions, terms, and snippets. Additionally, Org admins can access admin panel features such as Billing, Single Sign-on, and Security.
Team members have view-only access to Writer customizations such as suggestions, terms, and snippets. While writing, they’ll receive suggestions, get terms checked, and be able to insert snippets. However, they won’t be able to access any admin panel features or invite new users to your organization.

Permissions in detail

Team Member Org Admin

Writer customizations
👀  Can view suggestions, but not edit
👀  Can view terms, but not edit
👀  Can view snippets page, but not edit
🔴  Can’t access style guide builder

Admin settings
🔴  Can’t invite new users to the Team
🔴  Can’t access admin panel or billing
🔴  Can’t access reporting

Writer customizations
✏️ Can edit suggestions
✏️ Can edit terms
✏️ Can create and edit snippets
✏️ Can build and publish style guide pages

Admin settings
✅  Can invite new users to the Team
✅  Can view and change all admin settings
✅  Can update subscription and payment
✅  Can view Reporting 

Assigning roles

Assigning org admins

Org admins can promote Team members to Org admins. To do so, head to Teammates. Select the ellipses next to the Team member, then select Make Org admin. You’ll now notice that a new “Org admin” label has appeared next to their name.

Unassigning Org admins

Org admins can also downgrade an Org admin to a Team member role. To unassign an Org admin as a Team admin, head to Teammates. Select the ellipses next to their name, then select Unassign as Org admin. You’ll notice the “Org admin” label next to their name has now been removed.

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