Creating custom apps in AI Studio

We’re excited to introduce Writer AI Studio: the fastest way to build AI apps and workflows. With AI Studio you get access to suite of development tools that make it easier than ever to build and deploy AI apps on the Writer full-stack generative AI platform.  

Our new studio has tools for any builder and every workflow:

✅ No-code tools for business users to build apps that automate tasks, generate assets, or answer questions on company data.

✅ Writer Framework, an open-source framework with a visual editor and extensible Python backend for building feature-rich AI apps.

✅ API endpoints for integrating the Writer generative AI stack into apps or services, with Python and TypeScript SDKs.

Writer customers have launched hundreds of AI apps in beta, seeing real business value in days, not months.

Since AI Studio is a separate platform, the documentation for AI Studio lives here.

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