Configuring authentication values for Google Drive

Learn how to set up a Google Drive OAuth application in the Writer web app to enable a data sync with Knowledge Graph.

Step 1

Begin by creating an OAuth app in the Writer web app.

You'll need to fill in the OAuth application values for this popup below.

For Application name, you can use whichever you prefer. This application name will appear on the Knowledge Graph setup page as team admins set up graphs for their teams.

To fill in Client ID and Client secret, you'll need to head over to Google Drive and follow the remaining steps below.

Step 2

As a Google Drive admin, log into Google Drive and head to APIs & Services.

Go to Credentials.

Step 3

Create an OAuth client ID

Add authorized redirect URLs

Copy Client ID and add it to the Writer OAuth application values under the Client ID field. Then, copy the Client secret and add it to the Client secret field.

Step 4

Create an API key

Copy the API key and add it to the Developer key field in the Writer OAuth popup.

Restrict the API key

Website restrictions:

https// (prod)

API restrictions

  • Select only
  • Google Drive API
  • Google Picker API
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