The 7 steps of a Writer power user

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Ready to level up? Become a Writer power user ⚡️ by following these 7 steps to generate better first drafts, save more time, and scale your best content.

The 7 steps of a Writer power user

1) Pick the right out-of-the-box app or craft an open-ended prompt

The first step to using generative AI in Writer is to decide whether you want to use a prebuilt app or write a prompt from scratch using our  Ask Writer app.
  • A prebuilt app is a great choice when you’re generating highly structured content (like a press release, or a social media post). It's also a great place to start if you're new to generating content with AI - no experience necessary!
  • Using Ask Writer to compose a prompt from scratch is a good choice if you need to apply specific parameters, or reference a specific source (it can reference a URL, text, or an uploaded file).

Crafting a good prompt for  Ask Writer requires a bit more thinking to get the right results, right away. A good rule of thumb is to answer the five most important questions:
  • Who - Who is the creator? Who is the audience?
  • What - What form should the output take? How long should it be? What tone should it use? Is there a specific call to action or bit of content which Writer should use?
  • Where - Where will your audience consume this content, i.e. TikTok, Facebook, a blog, etc?
  • Why - Why does the audience need this content? What are you aiming to achieve with it?
  • How - How should we structure the content? What should we reference to create the right content?
We’ve put together an in-depth  Prompt Crafting Guide to help you get high-value results from open-ended prompts.

2) Generate new outputs if needed

If you don’t love the content generated by your prompt, try again! Click Generate Content again to create a new draft based on your prompt:

3) Want more? Keep writing!

Like what you’re seeing, but you just want a bit … more? Click the ⚡ lightning bolt icon in the top right corner to generate more content based on your prompt:

4) Use claim detection to check your work

AI tools which are based on large language models (like Writer) are trained to recognize linguistic patterns, and to use those patterns to produce new content. However, they're not trained to verify facts. Writer generates content that sounds right — but it has no way of knowing whether that statement is true! A human editor should always verify any facts or statistics before they select “Publish”. Clicking the 🛡️ shield icon in the top right corner will highlight sentences which might need to be verified:

5) Review suggestions to stay on-brand

Once Writer has generated content that you’re happy with, it’s time to do a little copy-editing. Our suggestions don’t just check your spelling and grammar — they’ll keep you in line with your company’s brand and voice.
Suggestions will automatically appear on the right side of any Writer draft:

If you’re using a Writer extension, select the suggestions score to open the sidebar:

6) Generate highlights to share on social media

Any time you create a draft longer than 250 words, Writer can generate highlights for you. Click the 📣 highlights icon to spin up a meta description, summary, and social media posts:

7) Add magic links to improve SEO and keep users on your site

As a content marketer, you know using internal links is a great way to boost your company’s SEO rankings. But identifying possible internal links in a piece of longform content is really tedious!
Click the 🔗 magic links icon in the top right corner of your Writer draft. You can highlight a keyword phrase or enter a keyword and Writer will suggest the most relevant links from your most important websites:

If you’ve followed the 7 steps above, congratulations — you’re a Writer power user! 🏆 By taking advantage of the most important features in Writer, you’ll be able to get the maximum impact out of your best writing, while spending less time on busywork.
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