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Writer enables marketing teams to maintain a consistent voice across every touchpoint while scaling their best work and automating busywork. If you’re just getting started with Writer, check out our guide How to use Writer as a marketer.

Our out-of-the-box apps are a great way to generate useful content quickly.

However, sometimes you need to include specific criteria, or reference a source material, or generate freeform content.

In these situations, our open-ended Ask Writer app will give you greater specificity and control.

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How to create a great prompt from scratch

Crafting a good prompt for Ask Writer requires a bit more thinking to get the right results, right away. A good rule of thumb is to answer the five most important questions:

  • Who - Who is the creator? Who is the audience?
  • What - What form should the output take? How long should it be? What tone should it use? Is there a specific call to action or bit of content which Writer should use?
  • Where - Where will your audience consume this content, i.e. TikTok, Facebook, a blog, etc?
  • Why - Why does the audience need this content? What are you aiming to achieve with it?
  • How - How should Writer structure the output? What should we reference to create the right content?

We’ve put together an in-depth Prompt Crafting Guide to help you get high-value results from open ended prompts.

In the meantime, this library includes a wide variety of prompt examples for you to customize and experiment with.

Prompts for marketers (all industries)

Brainstorming and overcoming writer's block

  • In no more than three sentences and using imagery from natural phenomena, write an analogy about tracking sales analytics. You’re speaking to revenue ops leaders who are deciding on what kind of software to buy.
  • I’m the CMO at Ally Bank and need to write a blog post about the future of the commercial banking industry. The target audience is commercial bankers, so don't include a section with general information. Generate an outline that has three different sections with strong headings. Use the keywords “fintech” and “digital technology”.
  • I’m the content lead at Twitter and we’re publishing a blog post to announce our newest feature, a dislike button on tweets. What are some eye-catching headlines that would make Twitter users select this post?
  • My team at Shopify is launching a new podcast for eCommerce store owners that will give them all the knowledge they need to succeed. Generate five catchy, quirky podcast names that encompass what we’re doing.
  • My team at Shopify is launching an online community for eCommerce store owners to share knowledge, ask for advice, and talk about the latest digital trends. Generate five catchy names that will attract users to our new community.
  • I’m writing a blog post directed at the public about the Overton Window. I’m having trouble defining it in an easily understandable way. Define the Overton Window in layperson terms, in 2-3 sentences.

Writing better emails

  • I’m an email marketer at Amazon and I need to get more people to sign up for Amazon Prime. Write an attention-grabbing, personal email asking customers to consider signing up for Amazon Prime, and if they do it now, they get a month for free. Include two potential email subject lines. Avoid generic phrases. Write in a quirky, fun tone.
  • I’m the CMO at Adidas and we’re launching a new clothing line with Lionel Messi. Generate five email subject lines that would encourage soccer fans to check out this partnership. Include a name field in the subject line for personalization.

Spin up press releases and SEO content

  • I’m the CMO at Adidas and we’re launching a new clothing line with Lionel Messi. Generate a press release about this partnership that’s written in a fun, exciting tone and covers what apparel there will be, the design and look, and Lionel Messi’s collaboration on the project due to their World Cup victory.
  • You’re the head of content marketing at Asana, and you want to attract more decision-makers at remote-work companies with 500+ employees. Suggest H1 and H2 headers for a top-of-funnel blog post for L&D and HR leaders that will rank in the top 10 SERP for searches about ‘remote employee onboarding’ and related keywords. The final H2 should discuss Asana.

Prompts for marketers in financial services

  • Use case: Write the introduction to a guide on the benefits of online banking
  • Use case: What are the best social media campaigns in the insurance industry?
    • Prompt: I’m a social media manager for a fintech startup. I am trying to create a social media campaign to drive leads to create an account on our website. List five examples of successful social media campaigns in the insurance industry, including the name of the business.
  • Use case: Give me a LinkedIn post on this Planet Money recording:
  • Use case: Write an email encouraging potential homebuyers to schedule a call:
  • Use case: Personalize the email above for our sub-prime credit audiences
    • Prompt: Take this email and personalize it to target potential homebuyers with subprime credit scores: [copy-paste the email generated with the previous prompt]

Prompts for marketers in healthcare & life sciences

  • Use case: Write a blog post about the benefits of genetic testing.
    • Prompt: Write a 300 word blog post about the benefits of genetic testing, based on this blog post from the ALS Association: Convince people under 50 with a familial history of ALS to get tested in the next six months. Use an urgent but comforting voice.

  • Use case: What are the top tactics for raising patient awareness in pharma?
    • Prompt: What are the top tactics for increasing patient engagement in the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Use case: Give me key takeaways from this new device promo video.
    • Summarize the key takeaways from Imran Chaudhari’s TED talk presentation about the new Humane screenless tech: Write at a 10th grade reading level using no more than five bullet points.

  • Use case: Personalize communications for each at-risk population via categorization.
    • Prompt: Rewrite this health bulletin about West Nile virus for each of the following at-risk populations: cancer patients, diabetics, people who have received organ transplants

      Don’t let mosquitoes wreck your summer. Protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.

      Summertime means mosquitoes and West Nile virus (WNV) season. A bite from an infected mosquito can make you or a family member sick. In the United States, cases are reported from summer and continue into the fall. WNV is the most common pathogen spread by mosquitoes in the continental United States.

      Stay healthy this summer. Take steps to prevent mosquito bites.

      The most effective way to avoid getting WNV is to prevent mosquito bites.

Prompts for marketers in eCommerce and retail

  • Use case: Write the introduction to a guide on holiday shopping
    • In no more than 100 words and using references to winter and the holiday season, write an introduction to a guide on holiday shopping. Don't use the word “Christmas”. You’re speaking to frequent customers who are likely to begin their holiday shopping in advance.
  • Use case: What are the best DTC influencer campaigns?
    • Prompt: What are four examples of successful DTC campaigns which used a celebrity influencer? List the brand, the name of the influencer, and the results of the campaign.
  • Use case: Give me an IG post from this event recording
    • Prompt: Write an Instagram post of no more than 100 words to promote this video review: Include the hashtag #fortheloveofsleep

  • Use case: Write a product description for a specific audience.
    • I work at Apple and we’re launching a new product called the iClock. Write a product description that's specific, tech-savvy, and appeals to our target audience of Apple users.
  • Use case: Customize product messaging to audience interests.
    • Prompt: I work at REI and we need to create a stellar product page for our outdoor backpack. Turn this generic description of a backpack into a product description that would resonate with outdoor-lovers, hikers, and climbers: A backpack is a bag with straps that go over your shoulders, so that you can carry things on your back when you are walking or climbing.
  • Use case: Personalize email messaging to audience segments
    • Take this email and personalize it to target moms in their 40s-50s who are already avid Amazon users:

      Dear [Name],

      We have an exciting offer for you! Right now, you can sign up for Amazon Prime and get your first month free. That means you get to enjoy all the amazing benefits of being an Amazon Prime member without having to pay for them up front.

      As an Amazon Prime member, you get exclusive access to a wide range of products and services, from free two-day shipping to Prime Video and Music streaming. Plus, you get access to great deals and discounts on select items. With so many perks, why not become an Amazon Prime member today?

      Sign up now and you’ll get to enjoy all the Prime benefits for an entire month, all on us. So, don’t wait — get your free month of Amazon Prime now!


      [Name]Amazon Email Marketer

  • Use case: Localize ad copy to specific areas
    • Prompt: Localize this ad for a Toyota college grad rebate to make it relevant for Pullman, WA residents and Washington State University alums. Mention a Pullman, WA landmark and the WSU mascot.

      College Grad Rebate: $500 rebate on select new untitled Toyota models when you finance or lease through a Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Plus, enjoy competitive APRs on all new untitled Toyota vehicles as well as Toyota Certified Used Vehicles!

      You may qualify for a $500 rebate if you have graduated within the last two calendar years or will within the next six months and finance or lease a select new Toyota through your dealer and Toyota Financial Services.

Prompts for marketers in technology

  • Use case: Write the introduction to a “state of” report in our space
  • Use case: What are the best social media campaigns targeting our executive buyer?
    • Prompt: What are three successful social media campaigns targeting executive buyers at technology startups? List the advertisers and describe the results of each campaign.
  • Use case: Give me a blog post on this thought leadership webinar recording
    • Prompt: Turn the following thought leadership webinar into a blog post. The target audience is content marketers at technology companies. The blog post should be friendly and casual in tone. Highlight three takeaways from the webinar and include one key quote. Use no more than 600 words.

  • Use case: Brainstorm interview questions
    • Prompt: “I’m the content marketing manager for HubSpot. I’ll be interviewing the CEO of Writer for a thought leadership post on generative AI:

      Come up with five questions about how she thinks her company, Writer, will benefit CRM platforms.”

  • Use case: Personalize these emails based on user adoption metrics
    • Prompt: Take this onboarding email and personalize it to target users who were invited by a colleague. Include a CTA to sign in to their account:

      Hi [Name],

      Thanks for purchasing Writer! We’re happy to have you here!

      We created Writer to help people scale their best writing, and we’re glad you’ve chosen us to help you meet your needs.

      Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sending you materials that will help you get started with Writer to ensure you get the most out of it.

      We’ll also check in with you to see how your progress is going, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions during this time!

      We’re so happy you’re part of this community!


      Team Writer

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